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Apr 6, 2018 thru May 5, 2018

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The Underpants
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Kris McMurray

Owner/ Producer/ Artistic Director/ Actor

Since the age of 14, Kris has been involved with the theater and the stage in one way or another. Kris has been acting since he was a child, where he studied at the Educational Center for the Performing Arts in New Haven, but started directing in 1983. Years later, Kris had formed his own company, KEM Productions, LLC in 1987, in which he produced shows throughout the Connecticut-area and its many stages. Whether performing in it, directing the performers in it, or running the business that brings the audience in, theater is his everything. He even had the opportunity to work with some of Broadway's biggest stars at the Tony-Awards on Broadway in the early 1990's. Now with the sheer success and quality of his business, the Connecticut Cabaret Theatre brings in audiences from all of Connecticut, parts of New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. When the Cabaret opened its doors back in the Summer of 1997, it started off with an ambitious number of 50 subscribers. Today, Kris is proud to say he has over 600 subscribers and counting. Kris, as a business man, is professional, organized and tremendous. As an artistic director, Kris can pull the best out of every performer, bringing them to their peak potential or even beyond. As an actor, he also is superb, starring in numerous roles throughout the years. If you'd like to contact Kris, please email [email protected]

"I believe in giving my best vision and direction to my actors and actresses so that together we may give the best to our audiences. It is not easy to bring to life so many characters and tell so many stories. But over the years, nothing makes me more proud than my theatre, my performers, and the shows we as a team, as a business, as a stage have delivered to our audiences." - Kris McMurray

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