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We need your help!

Posted on 11/30/-0001

Hey you! Yes, YOU, the one who loves theatre and Connecticut Cabaret! We are currently searching searching searching for male ensembles and a male actor to fill a supporting (but still very great) role in our 15th anniversary show, All Shook Up! All Shook Up is a jukebox musical, and a modern take on Shakepeare's Twelfth Night. It's a story about a midwestern town that gets -well- all shook up after a stranger arrives and takes on the town. We are searching for a male actor to fill the male role of Dennis, the -awkward-but-in-a-lovable-way best friend of the female lead. Tenor range is preferred for Dennis, but for the ensemble, we accept any ranges! This show is MADE for ensembles, with 17 out of the 25 numbers being harmonies. So there is A TON of oppurtunity to show your stuff! So if you or anyone you know and love is interested, drop us a line at [email protected] or call us at 860-829-1248!

Now that THAT'S all out of the way, besides that, All Shook Up is going great! I'm listening to rehersal right now, and even though I've heard the same bit of a song about 30 times, I'm not getting tired of it. These guys are great!

In terms of our current show, Barefoot in the Park, things are still rolling right along. But this show will be over before you know it, so make sure you get to see this one! You'll be super sad you missed out, this I swear! 

That's all for me. Have fun, wear sunscreen, tip your waitresses, and come see our shows!

-Kayla the intern


Posted on 11/30/-0001

We celebrate your love, talent and life!

Nearly four years after the tragic loss of our dear friend and fellow actor, FRED DESMINI, the CT Cabaret family looks back at why we loved him so much. Please take five minutes to watch the very first podcast ever made for the CT Cabaret Theatre, dedicated to the big man himself...FRED DESIMINI!

The actor, the singer, the comedian, the son, the friend, the one and only!

We miss you!

February 3rd, 1957 - September 6th, 2008

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